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Thursday, October 18, 2012


I will never understand that large - very large - group of people who cannot listen to what other people say, rather they sit like rockets or missiles taking on fuel and feverishly anticipate the launch of a new version of what-they-have-to-say.

Unfortunately, I have many such in my family.

They are the ones who respond to being yelled at by radio and TV entities, the commentators, pundits, and pseudo-journalists, who provide them with the itch to regurgitate, which they then do.

I know because I do it myself. Every time I read the Huffington Post, I know that I am running breathlessly into the side door of the church, throwing some choir apparel over my head, and racing up the back stairs to the choir loft to join the others in being preached to.
I am well aware of it, and I like to do it.

I have had people with whom I have had conversations come back and ask me why I cannot stand Paul Ryan. By now I tell them that they should know, and I refuse to waste my breath anymore pretending that they are listening to me.
I mean, I'm like everyone else, and I think my ideas are pretty good... sort of the top shelf of stuff and gee-gaws from the Notion Store.

Communication is truly an art we have never mastered.
What we have now for Media is more like Hit-Ya-Upside-The-Head rather than communication.

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