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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Stockholm Syndrome News

Now that the rich, wealthy, and sometime obtuse (the prime example being Mr. Trump) have demonstrated their ability to kidnap the entire News process for their own nefarious schemes, we are left wondering where the real News is going to come from in the future.

Mr. Trump managed to kidnap the News, plain and simple. He did not kidnap FOX And Friends, for they want to be abused, but he did manage to kidnap the rest of the Media, just as he has showed us that he could do before.

The Media is easily ensnared. The entire TV News industry shows clear signs of Stockholm Syndrome: like Patty Hearst, they have developed an affection for their "captors". Just let a Trump or a Palin come up with another poorly-thought-out wheeze, and all the channels are there to cover the breaking story.

If the News can be so easily manipulated by the rich and their performing celebrities, it is more akin to the Filth that the conservative pundit John Derbyshire compared pop culture to in 2002 (
Well, Mr. Derbyshire - if you're still out there - all our culture is pop, even the parts that used to be considered serious. I think that's the real meaning of the word "wonk", pop-serious... just like Mr. Ryan is considered a policy "wonk"... pop-serious.

Wonk Culture.

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