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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Deeper Truths

Chapter 1
A Mr. Gingrich mentioned over the past few months in re some political or moral-cum-political issue that his position, although not scientifically true nor implied by the logic of a sequence of steps from premises to proof, was an example of a "deeper truth".

Herein the "deeper" is akin to Chomsky's "Deep Grammar" in that it (1) is underlying and as such forms a more ancient foundation, and (2) is seemingly intractable to scientific proof or logical demonstration, other than a demonstration following from premises which themselves are "deeper truths".

I think we all are familiar with such truths. The existence of God is such a truth nowadays to most of the Believing populations: not scientifically based, and not derivable by logic from the states of affairs of the world, and is either derived from metaphysical premises or a leap of faith, which at some critical point leaves the logic behind and jumps into the air... hopefully with wings.

Most of us with Belief Systems who are cognizant of the strengths of Science, and who give respect to those strengths, realize that our belief in God is not based on a Science which changes as that which it observes more and more delicately and minutely changes. We do not like the idea of our God possibly being dethroned by such a knowledge, however effective it is in the affairs of the world. Therefore, we establish our belief in the existence of God as a "deeper truth", or a "higher truth".
(From such a belief in "higher truth" we easily slide into notions as "higher power" and other arcana.)

As I have stated before, I do not believe in God; I expect God.

By disestablishing my belief systems, I found that I do not have to have recourse to making statements about deeper truths, but merely live my life exactly as I did before..., only unimpeded with the idea of personal belief systems about God.
I pray and meditate as before, but I do not generate sayings and statements like "I believe in God.",  no more than I go about saying "It is 3:00 PM, and - since I believe in the US Postal Service and its Carriers - I had best go to my mail box and receive their blessings of letters and whatnot."

In a metaphor of the senses, God is a "taste" of creation which pervades everywhere, not a intelligent design sauce plopped over the foodstuffs.

By allowing myself the brazenness and cheekiness to say "I know!", I have eliminated the need for all such belief systems. Of course, having said "I know!", I also realize that the way to any such truth is dependent upon the individual knower, and each knower might come up with truths that are substantially different from mine, influenced by the entire history of their being.
Allowing for such individual differences - and respecting them as being as valid as my own ("valid" in our sense of "valid within the quasi-logic of deeper truth) - I am tolerant in the extreme, yet I do not necessarily thereby embrace a position of maintaining the status quo, for as much as I live by my lights and affect the lives of others, I modify those other for good or ill. Such is the social nature of the network of our intelligences.
In a Christian perspective, I would say that I spread the word, but do not do so in the way of the Apostles, who believed that the End of the World was imminent, and haste could make no waste in such an event. Ever since that time, the Christian dogma has predominantly been spread in such an eschatological manner, justifying compulsions and cruelties with a vague haste necessary to anticipate the end of the world.
(There never was a strategic business plan for such things saying that spreading the gospel must be done by TV mega-churches or a season in Europe preaching to the benighted RCs in France or by religious orders.)

Chapter 2
Deep truths stem from our emotional bonds; they are based on intensity of affection, not on science nor logic. As such, the truths themselves must and do reflect the nature of their genesis in the emotions.

We have spoken of Irony as a wheel which turns the world: Irony being the great reversal, where we see the mighty cast from their thrones and the lowly raised; we see the spectacle of the Meek inheriting the Earth! Irony.
Irony is a cycle. It is not a regular cycle, such as the rotation of the Earth about the Sun; it is an irregular cycle. Irregular as it may be, it is clear that "what goes around, comes around". It is clear from our own recent "Tower of Babel" episode of 2008 that "irrational exuberance" leads to a fall, .

The basis of the cycle lies in the emotional nature of deeper truth.
Emotion is polar, and is at least bipolar, and may be tri- or quadri-polar... or more.

As Emotion cycles between Love-Hate, or Attraction-Avoidance, so do the "truths" based upon the quasi-logic of Deeper Truths.

All Deeper Truths cycle from existence to non-existence, from exuberance to depression, and from boom to bust. All our behavior based on such emotion truths cycles between its extremes. Most Individuals cycle between states of fullness (plerosis) to an emptiness (kenosis), between satiety and craving. Now we may love our God, later we may curse Him for our suffering. Now we may be rich, later we may be poor... and make no mistake that Economics is exempt from these cycles, for we already mentioned the "irrational exuberance" which led to the Bust of 2008.

The Bipolarity (at least) of Emotion forms the Cyclic nature of Deeper Truth.
If you rely on deeper truths, you will go from Feast to Famine; it may take hundreds of years, but the Ironic Reversal of Fortune will come about. Rome and Assyria are but memories.

The only way to escape from the Cyclic nature of life is to live Truth and avoid Deeper Truth.

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