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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Syria, Russia, and Romney

On August 28 Sheikh Said Afandi, acknowledged spiritual leader of the Autonomous Russian Republic of Dagestan, was assassinated. A jihadist female suicide bomber managed to enter his house and detonate an explosive device.

The murder target had been carefully selected. Sheikh Afandi, a seventy-five-year old Sufi Muslim leader, had played the critical role in attempting to bring about reconciliation in Dagestan between jihadist Salafi Sunni Muslims and other factions, many of whom in Dagestan see themselves as followers of Sufi. With no replacement of his moral stature and respect visible, authorities fear possible outbreak of religious war in the tiny Russian autonomous republic. [1]

The police reported that the assassin was an ethnic Russian woman who had converted to Islam and was linked to an Islamic fundamentalist or Salafist insurgency against Russia and regional governments loyal to Moscow in the autonomous republics and across the volatile Muslim-populated North Caucasus region.

Ethnic Muslim populations in this region of Russia and of the former Soviet Union, including Uzbekistan, Kyrgystan and into China’s Xinjiang Province, have been the target of various US and NATO intelligence operations since the Cold War era ended in 1990. Washington sees manipulation of Muslim groups as the vehicle to bring uncontrollable chaos to Russia and Central Asia. It’s being carried out by some of the same organizations engaged in creating chaos and destruction inside Syria against the government of Bashar Al-Assad. In a real sense, as Russian security services clearly understand, if they don’t succeed in stopping the Jihadists insurgency in Syria, it will come home to them via the Caucasus.

We need to start to understand the internal religious warfare in Islam, and we have to understand the part that various agencies of our government are playing in it.

Our dependence on Saudi oil enriched a number of our citizens and corrupted them into allowing the intolerant Wahhabi version of Islam to gain power in Arabia. We compounded this error by assisting Wahhabi jihadists against the USSR and Russia, and intolerance gained power in Afghanistan, also.

We have sowed the fields ourselves with the seeds of discord, then sent our children to fight there.

... and Romney believes Russia is our main geopolitical enemy.

We are our main geopolitical enemy!


Ruth said...

Yes! All of it, and that last declaration is it!

Montag said...

At least Romney does not have to pay much tax to support this nonsense.