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Monday, October 22, 2012

Lance Armstrong 1

So far I am unimpressed by the case against Lance Armstrong.

I am very unimpressed with the USADA report, which promises much but delivers nothing but the testimony of other cyclists who took drugs, and who may have been under pressure by the USADA to give the testimony the USADA was looking for.

There! I just wrote an unsubstantiated innuendo that is similar to most of the USADA report.

I am not sure what constitutes proof of drugging in a sport wherein everyone was using drugs, and the agencies responsible for overseeing things could not seem to keep up to what was going on.

I think the USADA, feeling that it was losing control, chose the nuclear option.


Tom Schott said...

I think he cheated. But the real question is: who, in what phase of human endeavor is not cheating?

Montag said...


When everyone is a cheater, what exactly is the situation?

What if the overseers themselves are in some sense also cheaters in some area of life?

A Battle of Moral Morons...