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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Choose Yer Poison
A federal judge has dismissed a case by an American Indian tribe that blamed beer sellers and makers for chronic alcoholism on their reservation.
Judge John Gerrard said there was "little question" that sales in a bordering Nebraska town had contributed significantly to the problem.
But he said federal courts did not have the jurisdiction to hold brewers or stores responsible.
The Oglala Sioux tribe [South Dakota] sued beer stores and manufacturers for $500m (£309m).
The lawsuit alleged that the stores and beer makers had knowingly allowed alcohol sales to residents of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, which has banned alcohol since 1832, fully aware it would be smuggled to drink or resell.
The Oglala also argued that the beer distributors supplied the White Clay, Nebraska stores with "volumes of beer far in excess of an amount that could be sold in compliance with the laws of the state of Nebraska"...
There is no war on alcohol addiction; too bad.

Around here in Michigan, the people of the State had a grassroots campaign to repeal the ban on buying booze before noon on Sunday; we really needed our Sunday morning shot.

Or did we? The Liquor Lobby - like so many other lobbies - own the State of Michigan, just like they own Nebraska and South Dakota.

That is the reality of Democracy today.

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