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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Romney and Syria

Mr. Romney has called for arming the Syrian rebels outright.

This puts him on the side of Saudi Arabia, the forcing garden of fundamentalism.

It also creates a new "Afghanistan" as a battle ground for foreign jihadists right on the Mediterranean. I think what Romney - and his eminence grise.... or his Professor Snape, if you will - Mr. Netanyahu of Israel see in this conflict is the eventual creation of a Sunni Islam state in Syria which will an effective counter-balance against Hizbullah and Iranian influence.

Their entire plan is predicated upon keeping the new Syria in a state of unrest and political turmoil, which will lead to an eventual break-up into autonomous regions: Sunni Islamic, Shia Islamic, Alawi, Kurdish, Druze, and all the rest.

The price of this ghastly fairy tale is something I cannot bring myself to endorse.

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