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Sunday, October 06, 2013

A Label For Your Thoughts 2

A Fine Example Of A Robust Label

If you would share your thoughts with me, then I shall apply a label, or stereotype, if you prefer, to you as well as your thoughts.

This label will let us ignore you.

There is infinite detail in the Universe. In fact, if we wished to make it clear what we meant by the universe, we might say it is infinite detail. Herein, "infinite" means without logical limit.
There is a practical limit: we can only handle so much information. We can only do so much. So we cut it short, apply a label, and end that particular segment of processing.
If we wished to make it clear what we mean by the Divine, we might say it is that which has the potential to process infinite detail...or infinite steps... We may play with the old paradox and ask: Does God have the ability to create a program which cannot be finished in eternity? Now, although God may possibly process a program with no limit, other than the time available in the universe, God is really not under any compulsion to do so.

We feel the obsession to compel God with our nonsense of "God knows all things." So we force God to keep running infinite programs that are random, so He might see how it all works out. We live in a mysterious Universe which will never be understood. There will never be a Grand Unified Theory of Everything in Science. This would be tantamount to slapping a label on all creation.

Absolute Certainty is nothing more than a habit of people with tidy and circumspect thoughts. You will never find your scientific theory of everything. You will never find your Moral Absolute. Not having a theory of everything does not entail that nothing is. Not having an absolute moral standard does not entail that morality is only implies that your method of judging morality, i.e., using a "standard" to measure, is a faulty concept.

If and as you will it be measured to you. Therefore, do not measure.
Do not label.
Treat everything and everyone as a new mystery, for such they actually are.
Love God and your neighbor... if you dare!
Once that horse gets out of the barn, there's no telling what might happen.


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