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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

What About Israel?

Israeli soldiers scuffle with Palestinians near a truck loaded with items European diplomats wanted to deliver to locals in the West Bank herding community of Khirbet al-Makhul, in the Jordan Valley, Sept. 20.

Abed Omar Qusini/Reuters

The Christian Science Monitor

Israel increases rate of home demolitions as peace talks chug along

Human rights activists say home demolitions show that protection for Palestinian human rights is missing from the peace process.

By Ben Lynfield, Correspondent / September 29, 2013 

Burhan Bisharat lost his home last week to an Israeli army bulldozer, but he retains the Palestinian ethos of hospitality, pressing his interviewer to drink more tea as he recounts how he has slept amid the ruins of the dwellings of this tiny village in the occupied West Bank.

''Living on the ground with no cover is hard,'' says the father of eight who, like a dozen other men from Makhul, has been sleeping out in the open because the army blocked them from receiving humanitarian relief tents after the demolition. On a scorching summer day, Makhul's men crowded under the only tree in sight for shade, while a group of Israeli soldiers stood guard nearby to ensure they did not attempt to rebuild shelter.

Israeli Defense Ministry officials say the demolition of Makhul was a necessary law enforcement measure against unlicensed construction and they stress that the Israeli Supreme Court last month rejected a petition against the order...
If we are not going to bomb Syria because Netanyahu ordered us to, what happens to Israel and its special existence as our foremost ally? I mean, will it be able to continue to ignore its international obligations regarding nuclear weaponry? Will it be able to continue its Drang nach Osten on the West Bank?

Who knows?
Maybe Jerusalem will be united, but in Peace, not in discord among nations. That would throw a Apocalypse-sized monkey wrench into the end-of-times works of a lot of Christian Dominionists.
Some people deserve a monkey wrench.


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