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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Time To Remember Augustus... And John

During a wedding reception Friday, I was able to talk about the parallels between Rome and the USA, but I was speaking of the Augustan Age, and I said that the people of the Republic were tired of the continual alarms and, not wishing that they be further impoverished, welcomed and actually entreated Augustus to step end and end the Republic.

What will we do?

The same group of people who thought that refraining from an ill-advised bombing of Syria was a sign of weakness seem to believe that defaulting on one's bills is a sign of strength.

Conservative thought is dead in this country.
It exists solely in the buffoonery of Ted Cruz who can talk nonsense for 21 hours, but cannot put together coherent and constructive thoughts....


This post is not going in the way I wanted it to.

As I write this, my wife in the background is telling my son-in-law about the time in first grade when my daughter came so close to dying... and I cannot stand the pain of remembering.

And just as bad is the realization that my children live in a country run by a Minority of Dunces, who do not care how much the rest of us may suffer.

John Muhammad was the symbol of the Coming Death from Washington, D.C.

We can no longer evade the Snipers from the Tea Party and their Republican enablers.

I am sick of it.

I am sick of the Pin-Heads of the Tea Party bringing us their boxes of pain.


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