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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The Painted Men

A Man Painted Tan

I posted my poem about the painted men in my poetry blog. It sums up my fears of civil discords, I guess.
There are some things I do not write much about, the "painted men" being one of them, as they are like Bradbury's Illustrated Man, and to me they are suits and ties that cover the whiff of nothingness that begins to permeate everywhere these days.

I am imprisoned in Dickinson's Hours of Lead;  I tread out a meager existence between catastrophe and disaster, wars and alarums, robust IRA and depleted IRA.
The daily news has become a gulag mess hall........

Painted men are symbols, and this is mainly because they are embodied despair...

... and I am a just a poor man they seek to destroy.


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