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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Mr Information

Why was the USA referred to as the Sick Man of the 21st Century ?

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The United States or the American Empire, prior to its demise in the 22nd century,
(1) had vast wealth inequality - constuting essentially two separate nations: one percent being the rich USA of lore and the other 99% being a conglomeration of  "bantustans" in urban areas,
(2) was notoriously badly managed,
(3) impoverished,
(4) backward in modern science, equal time in schools given to various obscure doxologies of pseudo-scientific belief.
(5) It was prone to dysfunctional government punctuated with periods of frenzied activity.

Some or all of these traits linger in some countries which were formerly part of the AmericanEmpire. I should also mention that although the American Empire was predominantly North American, it did extend into the Caribbean and across the globe in the form of more than 500 military bases.

Today the old American Empire wishes to join the World Union and Federation of Planets, although its chances do not look good.

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