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Friday, October 04, 2013

Travels With McDonalds

The Ontario McPower Plant in St. Thomas. It is the only power plant used solely for supplying electricity to light the golden arches in Canada.

(Sorry. Original site for this photo was hacked and sacked........ I removed the URL)

My mother and I stopped for McDonalds yesterday in Port Huron, Michigan. They were awful. I cannot believe that I used to like such things. The meat was tired and wan, the pickles were faded and pale... and there were only two very thin slices.
The onion seems to have been an afterthought. The ketchup was miserly dispensed.
These quarter-pounders were served in styrofoam clamshell containers, whose lids after opening seemed to whisper, "Sorry, sorry, sorry...."

Does everything suck anymore?


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