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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


 The Media Awaits My Entry

I fell into a funk after the end of the government scrimmage last week. I mean, I always fall into a funk when I go through a period of time during which my well-being and that of my family as well as the entire country is threatened.

Since the fight ended up with conservatives becoming more radical and probably thinking that next time they will indeed force a default by the government on its payments....
... it just lets me know that in the near future, some pricking of my thumbs will most clearly indicate that something truly fearful this way comes.

I mean, how can educated people take the position that default is OK?
These are the clowns yammering for running government like a business.
Romney was supposed to be a great prez,... since he could "run a government like a business".
It's like the Pope saying he's mad at consumerism, and therefore will abolish the Feast of the Nativity on December 25!

So I read a great post about the trouble a young lady had with pills and a pharmacy and computerized systems,
and it got me out of my funk; it re-established a desire to communicate with the other intelligent entities that scurry about (like ants!) in my neighborhood and upon the entire Earth.

I left a comment and wondered whether the cost of telephone call time spent being on-hold were included in the yearly cost of medical care: something like 50 millions hours on-hold (with no speaker phone) equals a billion simoleons in lost productivity; something like a stat that economists always toss around.

I wondered if the true cost of Kafka's process in The Trial is being adequately reflected in the reports, or whether we should add in the hours spent wandering through the computerized bureaucratic halls of Prague. Also The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari comes to mind, and not in a good way... as if there were any good way for Caligari to pop into one's head.
I mean, one has to listen to either talks about precursors to the Nazis, or else some jabber about cinematographic history, during which one may be conned or duped into watching the entire film!

Unfortunately, this has a very bold grasp and relationship to another major item in the news: the computer system glitches of the Affordable Care Act implementation, so I may go back into a funk.
I take a minor comfort in the fact that when the flash computer-driven crash of the future occurs which sends us all back into the Stone Age - or at least to the level of the last minor glaciation - I can say that I told ya so.


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