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Friday, October 25, 2013

Naming Holidays: Nichtzahlungfest

It was the Tuesday of Treasury Default Thursday week that the TV ceased working, leaving us to rely solely upon the caffeine in the morning coffee to give us the jitters.

We had no news... which itself was good news.

We blissfully went about our lives, happy and carefree.
I felt like a young William Jennings Bryan, declaiming before an audience of adoring fellow citizens that

"...You shall not crucify mankind upon a Cruz of Tea!"

It was then I decided to celebrate either Treasury Default Day on October 17th, or Treasury Default Thursday on the 3rd Thursday of October.
My son-in-law suggested extending the festivities a bit, taking in the 2 weeks prior to drop-dead-day, and making it into a fall festival, such as Nichtzahlungfest  (default fest), which would sort of walk over Oktoberfest, but we could come to some sort of meeting of the festival minds about it.

One could even have a special beer brewed for Nichtzahlungfest;  dark as bock, heizend und weizen, and substitute for hops large brimmers of  bitter tea.


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