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Thursday, April 10, 2014

An Equal Opportunity Weapon Society

School Daze
They prepared for guns but faced knives instead.

In the era of Newtown and Virginia Tech and Columbine, danger and bloodshed came Wednesday to Franklin Regional High School not at the end of a barrel but rather at the points of two flashing blades.

Just after dawn, police said, sophomore Alex Hribal went on a rampage through a wing of the Murrysville school in a scene straight from a horror movie, slashing and stabbing 21 students and a security guard with two 8-inch knives. The swift and apparently random attack ended only when an administrator tackled the boy. Within five minutes, a high school hallway was transformed into a bloody crime scene; sleepy students waiting for first period suddenly became victims of violence; and a slender, dark-haired 16-year-old from Murrysville described as quiet and studious, and looking younger than his years, emerged as the latest face of the national epidemic of school violence...

They prepared for guns, but they got knives instead. Next time it may be Molotov cocktails as the evolution of our Weapon Society continues. 

This is what I finally caught onto after the Newtown massacre:  this is a weaponized society, and we must build our lives around the core tenet of possessing weapons.

Notice an administrator tackled the boy.
If everyone had been packing heat, the administrator would have shot him. However, the administrator did not have a knife and the requisite knife fighting skills, and he may not have had a gun, either. So he tackled him. He would not have tackled a guy with an M-16, I think. or a Glock.

This surprises us, because much of our understanding of our society is dreams of the Old West: scenarios spun out at length we have seen over the years.

No one uses knives except old "Snake Eyes" Ike Dalton, and other villains... like Blue Duck.

Are these statistics acceptable to us as a society, even though they are knife fatalities instead of gun ones? If they had been gun deaths, we would have shrugged, said some prayers, and gone our merry ways.

A Thumbs Up For Equal Rights and Opportunity Weapon Society!

Knives Are OK !


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