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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Noah Who?

 The Space Gun In William Cameron Menzies' Things To Come

I intend to see the film Noah.
She-who-must-be-obeyed will not; she objects to Russell Crowe.

I cannot let that keep me away. I must see the Bible film that the so-called conservatives dislike.  I mean, I heard one clip of someone complaining that Noah gets drunk in one sequence. The speaker apparently never read Genesis in its entirety. I suppose the same guy complains about Adam's and Eve's evening wear back in their innocent days.

Most people that one sees on Cable TV are borderline illiterate. They are opinionated without being informed.
They also say things like "going forward".

"Going forward." What the heck is that?
It sounds like a crude attempt to speak in the future tense with more emphasis than is given by difficult and obscure verbs like "will" and "shall", or convoluted expressions like "are going to"... or even "are fixing to".

I mean, if I wanted a new and expressive way to talk in the future tense, I'd call up Steve Harvey on his morning show, or I'd send a telegram to Cedric the Entertainer, or buzz Tyler Perry. They would give me something with a little meat to it.
"Going forward"?
That expression, "going forward", sort of sums up everything that is dull, insipid, and uninspired about the way business people speak about things. I cringe when I hear it, because it is some dullard imitating another dullard, who themself is imitating some other previous dullard, and so on in an infinite regression of dark and dull mirrors.

Going forward, I put my mind to it and try to come up with an alternative......
I'll try "the shape of things to come."
Such as, "It is the shape of things to come that I will spend more time fixing my typing errors."

Not too awful.

In fact, watching the trailers for Noah, some of the crowd scenes featuring the flood witnesses of the unlucky persuasion (they will drown soon, according to the story), the near riots of those unlucky ones whom Noah leaves behind remind me of the film Things To Come.
It featured a spaceship - instead of an Ark - which would transport some lucky humans to safety, and the unlucky were getting their collective noses out of joint.


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