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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Professor Gauvreau On Cinema: Redefinition

The False Maria and Rotwang in Metropolis, directed by Fritz Lang and produced by UFA         (Universum Film AG)

I think Metropolis is an excellent example of a cinema concept that escapes quite early on from the conceptual confines of the writer, and effectively redefines itself in a very interesting dynamic between Art and Observer.

(My paradigm for this phenomenon is Fight Club, which entirely changes upon viewing after the attack on the World Trade Center in 9/11. Good heavens, Max Fleischer lead the way with his Out Of The Inkwell series, where often Koko The Clown escaped the confines of the apparent script and reality itself. Fleischer also did the original Popeye cartoons, so you know who he is.
I hesitate to draw parallels between Fritz Lang and Koko, however.)



This is the first of a series of "stuff" wherein I place my half-baked ideas into the words of real experts.

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