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Saturday, April 05, 2014

The Late Great Fort Hood

What will we do if next year there is yet a third shooting at Fort Hood? What if there is a fourth?

At what point do we break down and start to madly laugh at the tragi-comedy that constantly recurs and turns our lives into a Groundhog Day of anarchy?

We can put up with a shooting in a different school in a different city in a different state once a month. We can accept as a reasonable statistic shootings in different offices and different streets with different names and different venues.

But what will we do if it begins to happen over and over again in the same place?

We have to do something, because it will expose our madness.

There is a shoot-out sequence at the end of Wes Anderson's film The Grand Budapest Hotel.
It was comic, because shots were flying everywhere and no one was hurt, a lot like our imaginary weapon world.
I thought immediately of the intentionally or unintentionally comic shoot-out in Django Unchained.
Then I unforgivably thought of Fort Hood, with shots filling the air............

and nobody really dying.
If somebody really, really died, we would grieve, not laugh, and we would change our lives.


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