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Saturday, April 05, 2014

The Transitive Relation Of Paul Ryan's Budget to Edward Hickman

Edward Hickman, Ayn Rand's Überkumpan (Supersidekick)

In mathematics, transitivity is expressed as follows:

A relation R is transitive if   for all a,b,c    "if (aRb and bRc,  then aRc)".

Equality " = " is transitive according to this:

If a=b and b=c, then a=c.

However, I am not so sure if extends to things like "admires" and "is a philosophical adherent of".

Paul Ryan is philosophically in the camp of Ayn Rand.
Ayn Rand was obsessed by the life and acts of Edward Hickman, felon and a cold-blooded killer.

The ever charming Ms. Rand thought the killer was a perfect prototype of the Nietzchean Überkumpan, or Super Sidekick.
Nothing like Übermensch, or "overman" or "superman" with its notions of future euthanasia for the riff-raff; just good old boys with a dash of hyper-Capitalism and a whiff of apple pie.

Edward Hickman was the Loeb to Ayn Rand's fawning Leopold.
In the original version of her first novel We the Living: "What are your masses [of humanity] but mud to be ground underfoot, fuel to be burned for those who deserve it?" (This declaration is made by the heroine Kira, Rand's stand-in; it is quoted in The Ideas of Ayn Rand by Ronald Merrill, pp. 38 - 39; the passage was altered when the book was reissued years after its original publication.
If we substitute "to be slaughtered" for "to be ground underfoot", you have a philosophy.

I said that the So-Called Conservative budget is one that ostensibly saves the country by sacrificing those who are not up to a certain standard of wealth. (Ostensibly, since if the so-called conservatives gain a majority and put these things into practice, it will be the beginning of the end... for a generation or so.)

Surely Mr. Ryan's admiration of Rand is not transitive; i.e., we cannot infer that since she doted upon the murderous, so also does Mr. Ryan, and - by further implication - does the so-called conservative movement of Tea Baggers.

Surely not.
You bet your life.


Another devotee of Ayn Rand. This man who oversaw the building of a financial debacle once wrote,
"Parasites who persistently avoid either purpose or reason perish as they should. "
(signed) Alan Greenspan.



It will be stated that this article takes things out of context, and that I argue that Republicans admire serial killers, and the absurdity of that argument is a reductio ad absurdum, so this is all nonsense.

That is not what I mean.

I mean you should be very careful of who your friends are and of what you allow yourself to be influenced by.

I mean very specifically that when you pick beliefs that will found the basis of your values, when you pick those beliefs that you think are so fundamental that you yourself will never question them, but will allow them to uncritically direct your life.... be very careful.
The Mind is a trickster. It can lead us to victory or defeat, fame or infamy.
Our fortunes and history can be beacons for the future, or they can be cautionary tales of tragi-comedy.


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