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Saturday, April 05, 2014


The New Oxonian

In June, 1214, the University of Oxford received its Charter from Pope Innocent III. But even though that’s a purely symbolic date and event, it marks the beginning in the West of a formal intellectual process that goes back to antiquity and, over time, produced the modes of analysis and styles of argumentation that led to a rejection of the epistemological status of faith as a mode of knowing, superior to reason, and of metaphysics as a way of description superior to natural philosophy.

I am quite proud of the Catholic Church's history in education and knowledge. I am proud of the Protestant history which ensued. I am proud of the tradition of Jewish learning and the contributions to our knowledge.
I am inordinately proud of the great Arab tradition that formed the bridge between antiquity and the present day.
It was this pride of accomplishment that led me to learn Arabic, Latin, Greek, and Hebrew.
Later I learned the German of Luther, Jakob Ammon, and Menno Simmons.

How are we all doing today?


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