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Friday, April 11, 2014

As Passover Approaches

 Minnie's Four Sons

Just a Thought: On the Four Sons
By Aharon E. Wexler
04/10/2014 12:17
After Elijah, the most famous guests to grace the Passover Seder are the Four Sons. We are told that one is Wise, one is Wicked, one is Simple, and one Doesn’t Even Know to Ask.

I am not talking about a wishy-washy “kumbaya” moment. No one needs to yield their deeply held beliefs. An Orthodox Jew and a Reform Jew are still going to disagree fundamentally about the nature of God and mitzvot (and this is a good thing). I am a believer in competition. Competition not only improves the selling of the product, but enhances the consumer experience...

I really never liked using economic metaphors - such as "competition" - for religious phenomena. The word "competition" here is used more like a word in a commercial advertisement.
Furthermore, I would think it would be obvious that Competition in Religion, particularly between different strains of the same Religion, have notoriously been nurseries for Discords and Conflicts of a mortal nature. We had our own era of religious wars, and these blood-lettings still continue.

May the Lord deliver us from similar states of mental exhaustion, as is evinced in this article!


I wonder if this writer is related to old Sam Wexler?


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