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Friday, April 25, 2014

It Takes A Heap Of Believin' To Make A Pet Sematary

Reverend King in Pet Sematary

We had a laugh over the poor folks who said that they thought the film Noah was irreverent, because it portrayed Noah drunk in one scene.
The problem was, so did the original script, Genesis.

So a poor schlub sees or hears something, and straight away it sort of fits into the belief heap,along with "all liberals are atheists" and "progressives hate the Bible".

I done similar things, just less publicly. We all do.

A lot of us whipped up a script and screenplay for "Cliven Bundy is a Real Folk Hero", sort of like Forrest Gump with a higher IQ. Fits right in with the heap o'  believin' we already got.
Did not quite get off the ground.

Something new comes along, and right away some old cat or dog belief comes stumbling down the walk, fragrant with decay and sullied with old dirt, direct from the old Pet Sematary of Stephen King, where we thought they had been dead and buried.

Zombie beliefs.


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