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Sunday, March 13, 2016

3rd Party?

I had read the previous post about Andrew Jackson being denied the presidency in 1824, and how he came roaring back in 1828. And I have been mulling it over.

After dinner as I was drinking my ginger tea, I was overhearing some of the news about violence at rallies, and it struck me that perhaps Mr. Trump is not reaching out to the center. Perhaps he is setting about setting up a 3rd Party, assuming that for one reason or another, he is denied the Republican nomination.

Actually, with the political dysfunction we have witnessed for more than 8 years, a third party might actually be in position to provide needed support for the majority party in Congress to pass laws. At present, the Republican majority has needed Democratic support at times when it could not get it from the extreme right of its own party.

If Trump establishes a Third Party with a devoted and active group of followers who are able to gain about 50 seats in the House, they might be in a position to put The Art Of The Deal into play.


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