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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

The Year 2017

I have posted on this topic before, so this is not something new following on the outcome of Super Tuesday voting in the States; it is something I have been aware of since Spring 2015.

So in the spring of 2015 I sat here at the computer and wondered what the future would be like.
I had memories of the past, so that was covered. I was aware of the present. But what about the future.

I had an experience which was - in my mind - exactly equivalent to that I had 2 or 3 years ago at a baseball game in the autumn, Detroit Tigers versus Minnesota Twins (I think).
My friend and I were at the game. We decided to bet on the outcome of the game.

I "looked" and saw 0,1,2 were like letters with extremely light darkness... and this I felt meant "unlikely"... (realize that this was happening within less than 10 seconds... probably less than 5 seconds)... so a tie (if such a thing is possible) and a win by either team of 1 or 2 was out.

I saw that 4, 5, 6, and the later numbers melted into obscurity, and I interpreted this to mean (again, 5 seconds to make a decision!) not probable.
That left the number 3 !

And the number "3" was in bold type and emphasized!!!  3 was there, no doubt. So I lifted up my middle finger,  fourth, and fifth finger to indicate that "3 runs" would be the difference between the two teams. I said "Detroit!", meaning Detroit Tigers by three.
This was an odd way to left up one's fingers, which occurred to me at the time. One would life up the index, middle, and fourth, I should think.

Of course, the Detroits won by exactly 3 runs.

Also - of course! - I do not believe for one minute in foretelling the future.

We all intuit things. Some of us try to train intuitions, some do not. Those that do not, do not see much at all, other than that which is right in front of their eyes..., so they think.

So what about 2017?
At first, I thought it might be about my own health: perhaps I were to be sick, or perhaps to die in 2017. Well, even though my doctors conspire to make it so, I do not think anymore that that is the thing which will happen in 2017.

My granddaughter was born this year. That is not 2017. And I think I have already written about the vision I had when I looked at my daughter and her long-to-yet-happen future husband back when they were going to the high school senior prom.
In case you do not remember, I saw something I could not describe. I thought I would see something like a joining together of the races of the world in joy and harmony... but that is not what I saw; I saw a future promise, and I was a bit astounded by the whole thing.

Even when they had parted ways, even when some had established their own families, even after many years, death, and sickness, somehow they did come together. When they did so, I suddenly remembered what I had seen many years ago at the senior prom......

And I have told this stories a number of times since. Not a great many times; I have not become an Ancient Mariner and sequester the unhappy to listen to me. But I have repeated it. And no one has ever thought it important enough to talk to me about it.

So also with 2017.

Never ask.
I shall never tell, other than when I visualize the years, in the spring of 2015, there was a black hole where 2017 should have been. Since you probably do not "visualize" the years, it all means nothing.
I myself am not very smart or adept at understanding.
What I say is surmise, as unsubstantial as snow in spring.



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