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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Republicans Have No Good Options

 Abe's Grill where Rufus Hasp Launched his Congressional Campaign

Other than voting for Ted Cruz, as Mitt Romney swears that he will. A man who was a Senate pariah is now their best choice. Excellent. Do they have any idea how lame that makes them appear to be?
Perhaps if Mr. Cruz is elected president the government may actually be shut down for an extended period... except for a war here and there.
Everything else could just fall into dust.

Previously although the right-wing radicals of the Republican Party, the so-called Tea Party (originally Tea Baggers, if you can believe it!) has had money and support, they have had no national face, no leader on the national stage.
Now they do.
If Mr. Trump gets enough delegates, yet the Republican establishment deny him the nomination, then the Republican Party will lose at least 15% to 23% of its voters.

In the future, they will work on the state level and in certain areas, they will be very successful. Then when the national contests come again, they will be still be around and they will have a national leadership to coalesce about.

Of course, there is the further scary scenarios of third-party candidates and a socialist on the Democratic ticket, resulting in nobody getting enough electoral college votes. This would throw the presidential race into the House of Representatives to decide, and the honorable Rufus T. Hasp would have his 4 years in the sun.


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