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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Super, Super, Super Tuesday!

Ted Cruz Celebrates 

Yay for Super-duper Tuesday!

Not because Trump beat Rubio (who looks like Droopy Dog to me) and Cruz (who looks like one of the evil weasels in Who Framed Roger Rabbit... I almost wrote Who Killed Roger Rabbit, because that was the name of the book and I read it about 18 months before the film came out)...
not because the outrageous Clinton  (We came, we saw, he's dead! - in reference to Mu'ammar Ghadafi ... not to the US consul killed in Benghazi) beat Bernie...

But for the coming destruction of the Neo-Conservative mess we have gotten ourselves into ever since the USSR disappeared. I know that once we got a tax refund - the peace dividend since we no longer needed to spend so much on arms - the powers that be would leave no rock unturned until they found a vermins' nest of reignited conflict on a global scale.

Read about your at David Stockman's Corner:
The Trumpster Sends The GOP/Neocon Establishment To The Dumpster
by David Stockman • March 2, 2016
Wow. Super Tuesday was an earthquake, and not just because Donald Trump ran the tables. The best thing was the complete drubbing and humiliation that voters all over America handed to the little Napoleon from Florida, Marco Rubio.
So doing, the voters began the process of ridding the nation of the GOP War Party and its neocon claque of rabid interventionists. They have held sway for nearly three decades in the Imperial City and the consequences have been deplorable...


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