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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It's A Good Life, Topper!

Can Anthony Come Out and Play, Mr. Fremont?

The Twilight Zone.
The Twilight Zone episode, It's A Good Life, with Billy Mumy wishing people who crossed him out into the cornfield or where ever. One gentleman whom he  took a particular dislike to he changed into a jack-in-the-box in the parlor, not in the cornfield. Scary at the time to see his head bobbing in the mixture of childish anger, adult despair, and a general malaise.
I got to thinking about it. Actually I was wondering about a time-line in an alt-Universe where Rod Serling and Robert Sterling trade places in utero, as it were. (I almost wrote " utero as it weretero!!?" Gadfry Daniels!)

Thus, Topper would have a rather sinister George Kirby playing off "the ghostess with the mostes' !" Marion Kirby, as played by Anne Jeffreys.
And Leo G. Carroll would be a lot more respectful when he started in on his "George! Marion!" invocations.

front: Leo G. Carroll, Lee Patrick
rear: Anne Jeffreys, Robert Sterling

The dog is Neill.

And it follows then that Twilight Zone with Robert Sterling would be a little more up-beat and martini-laden. And instead of wishing a jack-in-the-box-pox upon gents who crossed him, Billy Mumy, as Anthony Fremont, might be merely wishing them late to the board of directors meeting, hungover and asleep in the classic roadster parked on Wall Street in a No Standing zone!


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