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Wednesday, March 23, 2016


This tweet met with these responses:

and it is a pretty good new mini-literary genre.

So I gave it a try:

 Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Cap of the Bengladesh 11

I confronted a Muslim Bengladeshi cricket player, home captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, to explain the cricket match in Bengaluru, India.
Bengladesh, chasing 147 for victory in the Group Two match, and making a perfect start, then lost three wickets off the final three deliveries, allowing a jubilant India team to scrape over the line to climb to second in the table!

He said "In a situation like this it's literally chaos,” said captain Dhoni.
“What you're trying to do is trying to manage chaos. You have to assess everything but it has to happen in a short span of time.”

A mealy mouthed reply.
— Montag@(whatever) March 23, 2016

 It lacks something.

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