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Monday, May 14, 2012

An Age of Irony

Mankind has myths and legends about a Golden Age deteriorating somewhat into an Age of Silver, and that in its turn decreases into an Age of Bronze, an Age of Stone, etc.  (We may also go through Pewter and Tin and Nickel into the last Age of Gold-Foil-Covered-Chocolate-Coins-Which-Melt-In-The-Pocket-Of-Your-Good-Suit-At-Hanukkah.)

We live in an Age of Irony, which is the combination of Gold and some Baser Metal, mixed in the oft quoted proportion of 1% gold and 99% base metal.

Irony is surprising. We shall find our age to be surprising and inexplicable. Many of us already have.


Baysage said...

I think I'm getting so old and jaded, that there is nothing so stupid, selfish, destructive, or imbecilic that humans can do that would truly surprise me.

Montag said...

No, but if things turn out for the better, you are going to be one surprised Okie!