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Friday, May 25, 2012

Being and Language

I was musing on Language again, and re-read a post  "Zen" .
Ruth had a comment which ended "...  Being and language were one."

After a moment debating whether we agreed or disagreed, it was apparent that indeed the whole point of what we were talking about is Language as Being, and we were opposing it to Language as a Reflection on Being, or Language as a Model-Maker of Being , which uses of language exist on levels removed from the primary engagement with the world.

This is the difference to which I alluded yesterday:

The kingdom of God, in a primary engagement with the Holy, is within us.

Many levels away, after many removes from the experience of the Holy, it becomes myths of End-of-Times, myths of battles against the Anti-Christ, myths of political change in the Middle East.

Most of our Organized Religious experiences today are reflections in a darkling mirror... in a vast corridor of mirrors stacked in rows, one after infinite other.

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