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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Secret Circle

I saw an add for a TV show called  The Secret Circle; it was on after The Big Bang Theory and advertised what I think is a new show. It looks to be witches, magic, possibly vampires and zombies and werewolves or werejaguars or were-something-or-others.

I find it fascinating how fascinated the mass audience is in Magic: white and black, which are the various forms of the powers that shape the universe for that mass audience: vampires are the Story of the Resurrection gone to the dark side, witches and wizards create and make un-create and form the Story of Creation gone awry...
Zombies, however, might have a bit more to them. I have been reading about "zombie ants", and such alien control of the brains of entities is a possibility.

Magic is not possible until one realizes it is impossible.
It is just the same as the fact that once we realize we cannot "speak" to God, suddenly we can speak to God.

TV magic and TV Religiosity and experiences of the Holy and the Numinous are first of all (1) denials that such things are impossible, and then secondly (2) an imaginative, brain-storming writers' session about them, and lastly (3) a script.

The above process is the same for TV, Organized Religion, Mass Delusions, etc. They are conceptions of what is impossible based on the possibility of the impossible: they are delusions based on the contradiction between possible and impossible.
The Sense of the Holy is not a contradiction, rather It is the Irony between our concepts: things become possible only when they have been stripped from our "belief-systems"..., allowing them to become "real".

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