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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Place of Superstition in Consciousness

I was saving some information on ancient cursing tablets from the late Roman Empire, and I saved them into a folder titled "Religious". I did this since the engravings upon the tablets were inscriptions and pictures of a diety, conjectured to be the Greek Hecate.

However, it seems that terming something connected to Religion as religious merely because it contains a picture of a god is odd. It seems to be a lot like calling profanity a part of Religion, because it often contains a form of a name of a deity, even such oddities as Selma Bouvier's expostulation of "Jeeezum Crow!"

Or, similarly, is my nonsense humming while I shower actually Music? Or is it merely a repetition of a repetition of what was once Music perceived?

And is my prayer to win the lottery actually Religion? Why should a prayer be ipso facto religious?
And why should sermons by a clergyman inciting anger and hatred be accepted as part of religion? Or why the congregation's attitude of respectful listening?

I no longer see any such connection. Such behaviors are aberrations which employ religious imagery and religious emotion and feeling to create a psychological artefact.

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