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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Egg on Yer Facebook

We have a Wall Street culture that no longer seems to be able to function.

We have Christian groups and ministers getting into politics with their notions that when Jerusalem is totally Israeli controlled, the Messiah will come again...

(totally ignoring, by the way, that the kingdom of God is neither here, nor is it there, but it is within us, not in some geography...)

We have Christians avidly reading about End-of-Times and the re-establishment of the kingdom of God after the final victory over the evil one...

(but again, the kingdom is not outside and, thus, is not the type of thing which is proper for the looting and pillage of armies...

And we have a government which is becoming unable to govern. The partisan divide which has been the toxic bane of democracy since its birth in antiquity is going to continue to divide our country because the damages we have inflicted on it since 1980 will take  at least a generation to mend.

We have lost control on a group level in many important areas of our lives.
Individually, mostly we can navigate through the maze of morality, but as groups, we are totally lost to greed, concupiscence, and fear. The future of spirituality is in the freeing of the group mind and turning it to the Holy.

Inspect every nook and cranny of your dusty "belief systems", and throw most of it out. Have no beliefs. If you have expectations and actions, the beliefs will take care of themselves... sufficient for the day are the beliefs and hackneyed moralisms thereof.


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