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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Big Bain Theory 1

I started watching The Big Bang Theory about 4 weeks ago, never having cast an eye at it before then. Of course, it has transformed my life in a way, such that I often wonder how I interpreted the world before I was aware of such things as the Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem, The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification, and The Zazzy Substitution.

I discern some doubt among the readers. Well and good, I shall demonstrate:

Up until I started watching The Big Bang Theory, I never had much to relate Mitt Romney to.
Now it is as clear as the Liberty Bell on July the Fourth, high noon, in Independence Mall that Mitt is a Very Wealthy Virtual Presence Device  (VWVPD) that emulates Sheldon Cooper from The Theory.

I sincerely believe that Mitt had the show's writers come up with some of his lines, such as, "I don't know a lot about NASCAR, but I know a lot of the rich owners."


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