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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dead Ends and Dogmas

There are no dead ends, except for the ones we create ourselves: we travel thus far, and then we say "This far and no further!", and put an end to anything beyond, creating a cul-de-sac dead end. It does not matter whether it is in science, religion, or arts; a dead end is a dead end.

There are no rules for stopping intelligent chatter. Stephen Wolfram's cellular automata can compute forever, as long as there is computational ability, and the certain random ones may create random designs infinitely! Doesn't that sound like science telling us that the Universe is expanding, and the furthest away galaxies and supernovae are receding ever and ever faster the greater their distance from us? It is an endless process, because the normal paradigms of stopping, arrest, and exhaustion disappear: gravity does not attract, entropy increases, and nothing shows any signs of slowing down, much less reversing.

There are no GUTs - Grand Unified Theories - which explain everything in the Universe. If we were to accept such a GUT, it would be tantamount to putting up a "Dead End" sign to turn away traffic.
There are no GUDs - Grand Unified Dogmas - which explain the Holy.

Dogma is surrender, and it is a dead end. Dogma sanctifies one place and one time and maybe one group of beings. Dogma takes the C train to Jackson Heights, then it gets off and finds a crowd to blend in with.


Baysage said...

I'm with you on GUD, but not so sure about GUT. It would be just like God, I think, for everything to be perceivable, understandable, by a GUT. But, of course, He's made it devilishly hard to discover, which was his plan all along.

Montag said...

I know what you mean, but there is no justification for postulating a GUT... maybe I meant a Grand Theory of Everything: GTE