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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Diane Arbus Time

A Possible 2012 GOP Presidential Candidate

I think it is a pity that Diane Arbus so totally missed out on the Tea Party. It would have been silver nitrate heaven.


Ruth said...

They are freaks indeed.

Michelle said...

Yes, it's too bad. Lovely Diane skipped out on us in late July 1971. Her last amazing photos were of the annual picnic of the Federation of the Handicapped...

Montag said...

I guess they are no more freakish than I. My wife says I constantly make weird faces and act as if I were on a day trip.
However, as a group they exhibit a group mentality I cannot say anything good about..., at least about the ones I have known and who have cut off ties since their political "awakening".

Michelle, she was lovely, indeed. Your comment has an interesting construction. I like it.