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Friday, May 04, 2012

Pavlov's Dogs and Mr. Chen

How well do we know Mr. Chen Guangcheng?
Personally, I never heard of him before, and I wonder what does anyone in the Media know about him, beyond that they call him a dissident. What do he dissent against?

I have no idea. I have no illusions that many thousands in China are having their rights infringed, but they have not sought asylum at the US Embassy. I have to know Mr. Chen, not the general state of dissidents in China.
Merely asserting that someone is a dissident, and having that person seek asylum is not enough for me, for I have seen such behavior in the past exhibited by people who are not dissidents, but are disturbed.
So far, I have found extensive commentary, but nothing of Mr. Chen's work.

Before we make fools out of ourselves, I think we should insist that the Executive and the Congress intimately acquant themselves with Mr. Chen and his philosophy.
It would not hurt to interview a few neighbors, too.

I do not like having a large media event that works on us as if we were Pavlov's dogs, and this event has. I have seen nothing but stage decoration, and a first-draft script, yet we have picked it up and acting as if this play were "the thing"! Romney has even made statements, probably knowing even less than I do about it all.

Update  May 5

I have found some information. Unfortunately, it is rather Wiki-like: lacking detail and complexity. What I have found is rather like something put out by the Ministry of Truth. Perhaps that suffices us.

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