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Monday, June 15, 2015

Brains The Size Of Walnuts

'Jurassic World' rampages to global box office record
By Frank Pallotta
... the Universal film brought in an estimated $511.8 million around the world, making it the highest-grossing global opening ever.

That total beat the $483.2 million that "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2" made worldwide in 2011.
"Jurassic World" also made an estimated $204.5 million in the U.S. over the weekend.
That would put the dinosaur thriller behind only the $207.4 million U.S. total of "The Avengers" in 2012.
Final reports on weekend sales will be released on Monday.
That's not all.
"Jurassic World" also pulled in $44.1 million at giant screen IMAX theaters worldwide, beating the $28.8 million that "Iron Man 3" made in 2013. 
The U.S. audience for "Jurassic World" was split pretty evenly between male (52%) and female (48%) moviegoers, and 61% were over age 25, according to studio data.
When did we start reporting this nonsense?
Instead of film reviews by film reviewers, we have this crap.

If I wish to go see the film, all I need to know is that many people enjoyed it. I do not need to know what they paid. Furthermore, I need even less the boring trivia of the relative standing of blockbuster cinema. This article was in the "Money" section of CNN, which is the exact section one always goes to in order to find out what movie to go see.
The data is only of interest to investors. The important ones already know all this blather.

However, I actually do need that data about the gender split in the moviegoing audience; that is rather important. Say, for example, if the female figure comes in at around 60%, and the exit polls report that 95% of the males in the audience says that their significant female other put pressure on them to go to see the film, that sets off a "chick flick" alert and is statistically significant.

I also like this business of having every sentence stand alone in a separate paragraph. That really makes it easier for the modern reader, who is often befuddled by that old-timey way of jumbling everything germane to a point one wishes to make into a paragraph. I mean, that whole esoteric clap-trap of connecting thoughts and ideas is a bit otiose and redundant, or




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