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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Toutes Les Nouvelles De France

So I am taking my ease, sitting and reading; un singe sur une branche, as Voltaire or some other brainy Gallic wit said. I have covered all the news of the world and the events of science; I have read all about South Carolina, the Confederate Flag, the removal of Confederate flags from places and from stores, and people rushing to get what may be the last store-boughten pair of Jefferson Davis's Braces (what I call the Confederate flag - "braces" means "suspenders" for the haberdashorial inept)... and my gaze lightly falls upon this:

A Detroit et à Philadelphie, des inconnus ont ouvert le feu sur des vacanciers, faisant un mort et seize blessés.
Le président américain Barack Obama accuse le congrès de ne pas vouloir restreindre la circulation des armes dans le pays. Il montre aussi du doigt la société américaine, qui par son apathie ne permet pas de changer la situation actuelle.

in Alter Info
Fusillades en série: Obama accuse le congrès et le peuple américain

And it takes a major intellect like my own not a second to see a story not about Charleston, SC, but to all intents and purposes about Detroit and Philadelphia!
What, ho!?

At first, I interpreted "vacanciers" as "vacationers", but it was obvious that "partiers" was meant.
I had a most unfortunate glimpse - a quick mental Salome's veil-type of vision - of Mr. Hulot's tragic holiday...
Les Vacances Tragiques de M. Hulot... réalisateur Jacques Tati... Tati tragédien

We see from the Associated Press on June 21, 2015:
A gunman opened fire on a block party in Philadelphia on Saturday night, leaving seven people injured, including two children, ages 2 and 10.

In another block party shooting, the Detroit police said one person was killed and nine were wounded on Saturday night when someone opened fire at a party on a basketball court.

That will hardly move the PolitiFact statistic of "fatalities per 100,000 people" even a hair.

And I had to read it in the news from France, since we were all paying attention elsewhere.

Les Vacances de M'Hulot: still

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