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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Van Helsing's Dark Matters

Centaurus A

There is a study of globular clusters that provides another nice stake for Dr. Van Helsing to use on the vampire theory of Dark Matter.
(Interestingly enough, the expression "dark matter" is an anagram of "drakula-tamer", which itself is an ancient Bulgarian phrase for a "Slayer" of vampires.

eso1519 — Science Release
The Dark Side of Star Clusters
VLT discovers new kind of globular star cluster
13 May 2015


The elliptical galaxy Centaurus A (also known as NGC 5128) is the closest giant galaxy to the Milky Way and is suspected to harbour as many as 2000 globular clusters. Many of these globulars are brighter and more massive than the 150 or so orbiting the Milky Way.


But for some of the globulars something strange showed up: they were many times more massive than they looked. And even more strangely, the more massive these unusual clusters were, the greater the fraction of their material was dark. Something in these clusters was dark, hidden and massive. But what?

There were several possibilities. Perhaps the dark clusters contain black holes, or other dark stellar remnants in their cores? This may be a factor that explains some of the hidden mass, but the team concludes that it cannot be the whole story. What about dark matter? Globular clusters are normally considered to be almost devoid of this mysterious substance, but perhaps, for some unknown reason, some clusters have retained significant dark matter clumps in their cores. This would explain the observations but does not fit into conventional theory...
(underlined emphasis mine)

Take that, arrogant and obscure cosmology !

 Peter Vincent, Dark Matter Killer


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