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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Will Homeland Security Kill Moriarty As They Did His Henchman?

It is quite apparent that the two fellows who escaped from a New York correctional facility were rather well-endowed with the grey matter. In fact, the story was quite a bit like Moriarty versus Inspector Lestrade; not a very even match. Now they have killed a henchman, and only Moriarty is left.

All the power of the Department of Homeland Security and all the manpower and firepower of the militarized police departments of the USA could not find the miscreants, for indeed is it not truly said by all and sundry that

Once Privacy and Freedom   are outlawed,
only outlaws will have Privacy and Freedom!

 They killed one. I think it was the one with the artistic talent.
Agents were heard boasting that they shot him with bullets as many as his IQ.

Now they will kill the other one.
They cannot let them live.

Chase Moriarty - the one who yet lives - all the way to Reichenbach Falls, and there do the dirty work.


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