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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Art Of Magical Thinking


On April 30, I wrote in response to something the President (George W. Bush) said:  

The President has stated that there is no magic wand which he might wave to force back the price of fuel. Unfortunately, he is mistaken. 

He seems to have forgotten that he himself established the existence of such a magic wand. When did this President abandon the ways of magical thinking? He used to think magically. What else could you call his actions: talking to some sort of deity about launching a war, looking into the souls of Russians? Pure magic. 

The old magical wand he used to believe in was: Invade a Middle Eastern country and oil will be cheap! 
The War will pay for itself and supply will be assured for the future.

Now we must add Perry Como's take on invading foreign countries: (To the tune of Catch A Falling Star.)


Invade a foreign country, put it in your pocket, Never let it get away!  
Invade a foreign country, put it in your pocket, Save it for a rainy day!  
For times may change and gas become expensive, it can come and go;  
And if you try to make it more regressive, you'll have a pocket full of petrol!


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