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Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Science Of Anagrams

 Peter Vincent, Dark Matter Sceptic and Slayer

In a recent post on the prestigious, yet tediously elusive of proof, theory of Dark Matter, I made the statement that "dark matter" is an anagram of the Bulgarian expression for vampire slayer, "drakula-tamer".

I wuz called onto the carpet for this, because some bright thing noticed that drakula-tamer has  (1) one "a" too many, (2) a "u" which does not appear in "dark matter", and (3) a funny "l" that just seems to drop by for lunch.

I was forced to point out that the bright things were not conversant with the science of anagrams.

In the case of the so-called extra "a" and "u" and "l", these are well documented instances of what we on the front lines of theory and experiment into anagrams and puns call "degrees of redundancy"  -        [ "a" and "u", so this anagram has two degrees of redundancy]   -  and "inflationary liquid consonants"  -  [the "l"]   -   which sort of pop into existence from the quantum literary foam.

How these are all put together is an instance of Anagrammatical String Theory.


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