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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Life Imitates Life, Art, And Life Again

 La Horde Outside The Helping Hand

I had a post on an arson in an Arab-Jewish bilingual school in Israel last year.

The prime minister’s reaction — or lack thereof — to the arson attack against Jerusalem’s bilingual school reflects what can only be understood as contempt for Palestinian-Israeli partnership.

The arsonists who set fire to the Arab-Jewish bilingual school in Jerusalem Saturday night decided to pile up the first graders’ books and burn them in the middle of the classroom. Jews burned books. Belonging to six years olds. In Israel’s capital...

I called it Brennungsnacht 2014 creating an echo to the past night of broken glass...

But now the name of the school, Hand In Hand, sounds ominously like the name of the help center in the French series Les Revenants. That center was La Main Ouverte (the open hand)  or The Helping Hand as it was translated.

Nothing in particular, but an edge between life and death, flipping from one side to the other, and everything looks slightly different each time we flip over. In each environment, the reality of Israel and the story of a town in France, the Helpful Hand becomes a focus of unknown powers of hidden malignity or beneficence... leaving us in the dark... in the night; a night of arson like Azimov's Nightfall where deliberately set fires give light and hope/despair.

Es errinert mich an Siegfried Kracauer...

Von Les Revenants in die Zukunft,  eine psychologische Geschichte des  Films

 (From "Les Revenants" to the Future, a Psychological History of the Films)

There are too many threads of possibilities here!


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