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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What A Difference 3 Days Make !

This is Monday night just after the Blackhawks clinched the Stanley Cup. Thank goodness I had cleared out of Chicago by then. This is almost exactly where I had been Friday night before at a cozy wedding rehearsal dinner at Pasta Al Gusto on North Southport Avenue, just south of Grace Street.

I parked at the pay lot next to James G. Blaine School, just north of the Music Box Theater. I hhad originally planned to park on the side streets, but the proximity to Wrigley Field requires a parking permit on all the side streets, which were pretty full anyway.
I originally pulled into a spot 3 short blocks from Wrigley Field, but the local gendarmes were on the qui vive - alert to spot nappers like myself.

Congratulations to my nephew A on his marriage!
(Not one of the 3 A nephews, but yet another A... a fourth nephew whose name starts with "A". All those "A"s and nary an Omega! We do have a goddaughter whose child is Zorianna, however. A to Z, eh?)
Congratulations to the Blackhawks! 


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