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Thursday, June 04, 2015


It took me a while to accept the music of Snoop Dog. As I've said, I fell in with Rap music on Jones Beach, New York in the summer of 1984, then fell in love with it by the end of the afternoon, and went back to Detroit to find some tapes - CDs not having been invented - and had a grand total of 12 or fourteen total tapes to choose from at the music store at Eastland Mall, which was right next to the High School I had attended 20 years prev. and the Mall is still there, although the HS has moved.

It took a while for me to accept Snoop, but I did.

I saw mention of an article about Snoop, a science project, and the Jenner.

Given the age we live in, even though there was the expression "science project", I knew that it could not be about Edward Jenner, the father of immunology and the discoverer of the smallpox vaccine. Although Snoop may have talked about Edward Jenner, it would not have been covered by the media, unless it were part of some mass media medical procedure... possibly a push against the anti-vaccine crowd, I mused.

So I read the article. It was not about vaccines, but it dealt with medicine:

Snoop Dogg Posts Picture Calling Caitlyn Jenner "Science Project," Mocks Her Big Reveal
Us Weekly
8 hours ago
Why, Snoop, why? Following Caitlyn Jenner’s big reveal earlier this week, rapper Snoop Dogg made some controversial comments on his Instagram account.

On Wednesday, June 3, the rapper, 43, posted a photo of fellow musician Akon, writing, “Shout out to Akon! He is about to supply 600 million africans with solar power. Im really upset that this isn’t major news but that science project bruce jenner is #Society.”

He captioned the photo, “News flash. @akon tune in to ggn for some real news.”

This comes after celebrities and fans alike have widely praised Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner) for her courage and bravery in posing for the Vanity Fair July 2015 cover.

Jenner, 65, has already broken records, reaching 1 million Twitter followers in just four hours, and will be accepted the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPY in July.

It is very obvious that Snoop is criticizing the media and society for their valuations; we can go on for hours about one celebrity topic and barely make mention of important philanthropic events.

Snoop is critical not only by what he says, but by what he does not say, which is, he does not join in the general choral group. Rather, he ignores it.

In social media, ignoring that which has already been anointed a true "phenomenon" is a apostasy or a heresy... but somehow I do not think you will see Snoop rushing to Twitter to explain what he meant and apologize for any hurt feelings.

He will glory in his Meme-crime... his gangstafeel.


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