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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Brennt Paris?

As World War II was ending, Hitler ordered General von Choltitz to destroy Paris before he pulled his troops back, and every day thereafter Hitler would call and ask "Brennt Paris?",  "Is Paris burning?"
There is an ironic attraction Paris has for monsters, as indicated in the photo above, where emergency workers are busy at a bar named Voltaire, named after Voltaire of the smile of reason and in the midst again of unreason.

The Light attracts the Dark and causes it to burn with hatred of self and others.

I am reading in the Recklinghauser Zeitung:

Der Horror von Paris
Paris (dpa) Zehn Monate nach «Charlie Hebdo» ist Paris erneut Ziel einer Terrorattacke. An mehreren Orten gleichzeitig fallen Schüsse, sind Explosionen zu hören. In einem Konzertsaal richten Unbekannte ein Massaker an. Die Zahl der Toten und Verletzten ist riesig...
"Ten months after "Charlie Hebdo" Paris has experienced yet another terror attack..."

10 months...
Not a long time...

Every month we should pick up the telephone and ask, "Is Paris burning?"
And every month, when the person at the other end answers "No. Paris is not burning.", we shall know that hope and freedom endure and have triumphed yet again over death and destruction.


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