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Thursday, November 12, 2015

No One Expects The American Inquisition !

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Ever since 9/11 - which, by the way, is the Main Theme of the Age - we have had a flirtation with torture. It has been depicted on films and even brought into our homes on TV. Yay!
We have had low-brow hijinks - Abu Ghraib comes to mind - and we have had high-brow discussions and debates about it, sort of like Mr. Dershowitz arguing the pro side: Torture: will it bring bombers to their senses before the clock... (such as Ahmed Mohammud made and took to school one day, school one day... made the teachers laff 'n' say it wuz against the rule!)

... before the clock runs down the last 15 minutes (or less, depending on which Die Hard movie you're watching) and explode.

What is the history of torture in the Anglo-Saxon nations? We know all about Spain and the Hapsburgs and what-not, but what about the English speaking democracies?

We have recourse to old tomes and old bones for antiquities:

wherein we see



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