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Monday, November 16, 2015

Doctor Zoomer Has Two Mummies

Abbot and Costello (See below)

We had a post recently about the syntax of parenthood and how it impacts "belief systems".
There was sound and fury, signifying the most important things of our age: the need to dispute and argue.

Yahoo News

This news story ended:
 Catholic Family News even weighed in after posting a story Monday sharing an image of the sign: “With respect, it seems hard to imagine anyone in our time not being aware of what the '2 dads’ term can imply,” reads an update to the original post added on Wednesday, “especially since the pro-homosexual book Heather Has 2 Mommies has been around since 1989.”...
 and this was a Palmer Moment for me (see John Carpenter's The Thing if you need clarification on Mr. Palmer and his moments) and I felt rather out-loopish that the referenced text about Heather and her two Mommies was sort of a mystery to me. Did not read it, did not hear about it, did not argue about it; I apparently just ignored the phenom that The Catholic Family News thinks had enough publicity to come in second to the World Trade Center disaster.

(I thought and thought about it. The closest I could get was some sort of thing like "...Whether (rhymes with 'Heather') to vote for Obama...", with the word "Obama" coming out a bit like "Obamies". Well, that made absolutely no sense whatsoever. Why would I remember such idiocy and let Heather's familial arrangements just slip by me? Like water off a base canard's back?)

I would like to establish my bona fides with The Catholic Family News and offer them some more ammunition in their dispute. The topic has been touched upon in the Cinematic Arts, to wit:


Bud and Lou return for a fifth time, with Charles Lamont in the director’s chair a third time. A mummy theme, an Egyptian cult and medallion, along with Marie Windsor as the commanding femme fatale in charge, this last of the ‘Abbott and Costello Meet…Universal horrors’ packs a campy punch. The gags and bits turn up at every corner with a lot of play on the ‘mummy’ theme.

Bud Abbott aka Peter Patterson: “I overheard Doctor Zoomer say he needed a couple of men to accompany his mummy back to the States.”

Lou Costello aka Freddie Franklin: “Is she afraid to travel by herself?”

Bud Abbott: “She? No, Lou. This mummy is a he. What’s wrong with that? Some mummies are men, some mummies are women.”

Lou Costello: “Such a strange country.”

Bud Abbott: “What’s strange about it Lou?”

Lou Costello: “Your mummy, your mummy. Wasn’t she a woman?”

Bud Abbott: “I never had a mummy.”

Lou Costello: “What did your Father do? Win you in a crap game?”

{Excerpted from Outspoken and Freckled / }

However, I always call Abbott "Chic" and Costello "Wilbur", since that is what their names were in Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, which enchanted me as a child on Saturday afternoon matinees.

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